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Jennifer Kircher Herman


My works-in-progress include:

  • In the Off Season (a novel)

  • Castle in the Carpathians (a novel)

  • A Thousand Islands (novel-in-stories)

  • Art & Longing (essays)

frost at dawn.jpg
frost at dawn.jpg

In the Off Season

- novel -

When Ellen finally leaves an abusive relationship, she tries to pinch herself to life with tattoos. She finds work cleaning house for Jon, a retired archeologist still deep in grief over the recent death of his wife. As their unlikely friendship develops, they both must overcome the resignation that the past defines the future. 


What happens when we learn we have chosen a “good enough” life over the one filled with passion and discovery that we might have lived? This is a story of friendship and the redemption that comes when you finally realize that life is happening, right now, whether you are engaged with it or not. The future seems inevitable... though in reality, one decision can change it all. 

Castle view 2.JPG

Castle in the Carpathians

- novel -

A retelling of the story of the 1,000-year-old warrior and his brides that turns the classic tale inside out, exploring the history and humans behind the monsters. 

Castle view 2.JPG
Leaf & Fog.jpg

A Thousand Islands

- novel in stories-

Collection of linked stories about a German

immigrant and his family in the aftermath of

Polio and WWII.

Castle view 2.JPG

Art & Longing

- essays -

Writings on life, longing, regret, and seeking beauty. 

Castle view 2.JPG
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